Surviving the Crash with Bill Mollison

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Economic strategies for community survival and development (as the economy falls in a heap)

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Hear 30 hours of Bill Mollison, the co-founder of permaculture, talking about Earthbank – an integrated, ethical systems approach to securing community from a failing financial system using a myriad of legal and financial strategies.

Available in a bundle with Bill’s other recordings at 50% off.

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13 hours of previously unreleased material. Includes PDF files of course notes. The first two sections of this audio set were recorded at Murdoch University and Fremantle Community Education Centre, Western Australia in 1985. The third section includes was recorded in Stanley Tasmania. Recorded by permaculture pioneer, Jeff Nugent.

This mp3 DVD can be played on most computers and most modern DVD players. Some cars are equipped with DVD players capable of playing it. The files can also be loaded to mp3 players for portable listening. The PDF format notes can be viewed on a computer or printed out for easy reference.

About the Author

Bill Mollison has inspired countless people to take action. He is a recipient of the “Right Livelihood Award,” a prestigious honor that is often nicknamed the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” He was also named one of the “Senior Australians of 2010,” and has received honors and accolades from many places he has visited worldwide. Bill’s first two books, Permaculture One (co-authored with David Holmgren) and Permaculture Two, are considered by many to be among the most important writings in sustainable agriculture. His encyclopedic classic Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual is used as the foundation for the Permaculture Design Courses that he developed in the early 80’s that spread the permaculture philosophy and practice worldwide.

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