The Beautiful Mare – eBook

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And the boy who gave thanks

Written by Marc Cohen

Illustrations by Kia Maddock

The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks is a stunningly illustrated children’s book with a profound message that has been a long time coming. Based on a classic 2500 year old parable, this book has taken more than a decade to write and more than 2 years to illustrate.

As we follow the tale of the little boy, and the things that happen to him, we are shown examples of how he approached each circumstance with equanimity, and being open to discovering new ways. Throughout the story we learn how what appears to be ‘bad’ or a ‘problem’ actually can be a ‘blessing in disguise’, and by going with the flow of life, we are led to gratitude, love, joy and wisdom.

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In the ever-changing world of a small village, the villagers see things as either good or bad, the wise man accepts things as they are, and the man’s son stays open to possibility and finds gratitude in all that comes to pass.

This inspiring ancient parable answers the question: “What’s the best response to loss or pain?” and depicts the different attitudes to change and how staying open to possibility can create a joyous life filled with gratitude.

When bad things happen, the Chinese say “Sai Weng Shi Ma” – remember the old man who lost his horse. This refers to the ancient story of a wise man who remains calm when calamity hits and the villagers who are surprised when events turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  This story dates back more than 2500 years to the time of Lao Tzu and has been told and retold by spiritual teachers through the ages to show the limits of judgement, the wisdom in equanimity, and the two sides to every circumstance.


“This ancient parable is beautifully illustrated and delightfully retold for a new generation of children. They will love its simple message of the power we have to choose our attitude to life. The Beautiful Mare will become a treasured favourite of every child.” – Petrea King, CEO Quest for Life Foundation, author of ‘Your Life Matters.’

“This is the children’s book I’ve been longing for. A meaningful story infused with deep wisdom and beautiful illustrations, which teaches the power of gratitude and the universal truth of impermanence. I’ll be recommending this book to every parent I know.” – Dr Elise Bialylew, Founder of  Mindful in May, author of ‘The Happiness Plan.’

“As a parenting author, The Beautiful Mare wonderfully illustrates the invaluable lesson of parents’ encouraging children’s individuality and passions, whilst they learn to embrace, love and trust the flow of life. I LOVE this book, may it touch the hearts of children and parents everywhere.” – Lou Harvey-Zahra, Rudolf Steiner teacher and best-selling author of ‘Happy Child, Happy Home.’

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Published 2018
Pronoia Press
Print version, 44 pages.
ePub format.
ISBN: 9780648421412

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