Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual

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Bill Mollison

Edited by Reny Mia Slay, designed and illustrated by Andrew Jeeves.

Essential, in-depth look at earth repair and practical design. This is the definitive Permaculture design manual in print since 1988.

Global treatment of cultivated ecosystems, a resource for all landscapes and climates. Lucid illustrations by Andrew Jeeves bring co-originator Bill Mollison’s concepts to life.

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Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual is one of the primary textbooks and curriculum for the 72-hour Certificate course in Permaculture Design. Written for teachers, students and designers, it follows on and greatly enlarges on the initial introductory texts, Permaculture One (1978) and Permaculture Two (1979).

Very little of the material found in this book is reproduced from the former texts. It covers design methodologies and strategies for both urban and rural applications, describing property design and natural farming techniques.


  • design methods
  • understanding patterns in nature
  • climatic factors
  • water
  • soils
  • earthworks and their use in earth repair
  • techniques and design strategies for both urban and rural applications
  • the temperate climates
  • dry lands
  • cold climates
  • humid cool climates
  • humid tropics
  • trees and their energy transactions
  • aquaculture
  • waste management
  • energy efficient architecture
  • legal strategies and trusts
  • effective working groups
  • right livelihood
  • money and finance
  • ethical investment
  • bio-regional organisation
  • effective aid

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Published 1988
Tagari Publications
Hardcover, 580 pages
ISBN: 0908228015

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