Adapt Card Game

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An exciting, life-changing game and tool kit developed by teachers and designers from around the world!

Adapt guides you to create the world of your dreams. It supports and challenges people to engage fully with life’s decisions, challenges and opportunities through a holistic creative process. A stimulating game, a teaching tool and a designer’s assistant all in one. It can be used in a variety of situations and by almost anyone including teachers, students, designers, developers, families, and community groups. 

Adapt comes in a sturdy case packed with 60 playing cards, an instruction booklet, access to printable ‘Creative Process’ posters and a package of free game enhancing resources.

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Adapt is the creative card game that can be applied to anything and everything. From the design of a garden or sustainable living, business ideas, to ways of caring for community or one’s self.  Gameplay sparks creativity, imagination and potential. This engaging tool helps individuals and groups, in all kinds of circumstances, design their next best steps. Hacking habits, pro-actively creating, doing, designing and redesigning. Creating the world of your dreams. Adapt offers ideas, actionable outcomes and resilient solutions to the challenges we face each day. 

Included in the Adapt game deck are 60 cards, instruction booklet and digital access to printable game resources including ‘Adapt Creative Process’ posters. The deck includes 6 sets of cards covering the topics of Life Aspects, Core Needs, Design Principles, Energy Exchanges, Care Challenges and the It Depends factor in a holistic creative process. Free game-enhancing resources include ‘Players Notes’ worksheets, 12+ ‘Other ways to play’ the game and a Glossary of terms. 

Co-created by Bridget O’Brien, Charlie Brennan PhD and everyone who inspired and provided feedback along the way. 

Core Needs Cards inspired by the work of Abraham Maslow, whose famed work was deeply shaped by his exposure to indigenous Blackfoot beliefs, and Manfred Max-Neef.

Design Principles Cards are based on David Holmgren’s 12 Permaculture Design Principles.

Energy Exchange Cards inspired by the work of Dave Jacke & David Holmgren.

Care Challenge Cards inspired by the work of Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Robin Clayfield, Milton Dixon, Care Ethics  and First Nations teachings from around the world.

Creative/design process inspired by the work of Appleseed Permaculture, Aranya, Looby McNamara, David Holmgren, Dave Jacke, Participatory Design Institute, Dan Palmer, First Nations teachings from around the world, and many others. 

This game has been produced using the most eco-friendly processes including recycled paper and plant-based inks. 


Bridget O’Brien                                     

Bridget O’Brien weaves beauty and function into her life and work. She offers a holistic approach to culture repair through weaving together diverse skills in horticulture, design, facilitation, Permaculture, Yoga and a general approach of cultivating life. Her studies and work focus on care and design of personal well-being, community building and land-use. A co-founder of Garden Juju Collective and co-creator of the ‘Adapt’ game. Bridget travels the world offering design, consultation and a range of workshops. 

‘This game will give you the power and possibility to change your life! It changed mine. I’ve spent years developing this game because I whole-heartedly believe in it. It is absolutely our right and responsibility to live exciting, full and creative lives – by design’ ~ Bridget O’Brien

Charlie Brennan PhD                                      

Dr. Charlie Brennan has over 30 years of experience from hands-on work. Charlie offers skills in ecological landscaping, Permaculture, rainforest regeneration and supporting Aboriginal Cultural Caring for Country. He has lectured in ethics and sense of place and worked as a facilitator for a range of conservation and sustainability alliances. Read more at . A co-founder of Garden Juju Collective and co-creator of the ‘Adapt’ game. Charlie travels the world offering design, consultation and a range of workshops.

‘Every now and then something emerges that has genius in it. I often observe people playing Adapt. It never stops surprising me, the sparks of insight, the energy of inspiration, that look of determination when a person suddenly understands how they can really change their lives, and the lives of those around them, so much for the better..’  – Dr. Charlie Brennan

Garden Juju Collective

Charlie, Bridget and the Garden Juju Collective team consult, design, project manage, educate and research – weaving together eco-landscaping, social ecology, regenerative agriculture, Permaculture, traditional ecological knowledge and conservation practices. They are a team of passionate and skilled practitioners working to cultivate awareness, resources, and educational opportunities for local and global communities.

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