Permaculture Ethics & Design Principles DVD (in sleeve)

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In this presentation, David Holmgren explains permaculture ethics and design principles as thinking tools for creatively responding to the energy descent future on a limited planet.

For those just getting involved in the practice of permaculture, this presentation gives you an inspiring overview of permaculture ethics and design principles that can be applied to every aspect of life.

NOTE: This disk is included in a sleeve inside back cover of the Principles and Pathways book as part of a bundle. Available separately with a case here.

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Following a brief but insightful coverage of the three ethics, Care of the Earth, Care of People and Fair Share, David focuses our attention in turn on each of twelve design principles that underpin the diversity of permaculture systems and solutions. Using simple yet powerful icons, proverbs and examples, David makes the link between the traditional wisdom of the elders and the power of systems thinking.

For those who have completed a Permaculture Design Course this presentation, deepens your understanding to help you innovate rather than just copy proven permaculture systems and solutions.

For those involved in social change activism, this presentation provides a framework for positive contributions in helping our communities survive and thrive into the energy descent future.

For those wanting to show skeptical family, friends or colleagues that permaculture can give us a better understanding of the environmental/energy/economic crisis that is now engulfing the whole world, David provides a scientific and cerebral rationale for permaculture.

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OSX, OS9, Windows PC, PAL DVD Video – All Regions. NOTE: This DVD may not play on some older NTSC players, but should be able to be viewed on your computer.

Length: 85 minutes, filmed in July 2008. Released June 2009.

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